Bike and Hotel

The plane makes the world smaller. The bicycle fills it with corners and views never seen before. (Fabrizio Caramagna)

The Land of Venice

territory in 'Slow Motion' 30 km from Meolo to Casier sul Sile

Explore the markets and meet the people from here

10 km from Losson to Musile along the Piave riverbank

Footprints in the beaches

30 km from Cortellazzo to Cavallino along the sea


Yourself and your Bike

Slow motion

Cycling between:

Rivers, lagoons and the sea; beaches, parks and forests. Our area offers many opportunities for cycling tourism, from the simplest to the most complicated cycle routes. The important thing is to experience it in a SLOW way.

Increase your vitality, reduce your impact on the environment to zero. BE GREEN.

With KOMOOT you can create your own routes, with all types of bikes, that suits you and your training.

From Padova to Venezia in e-bike
Life Coach
From Innsbruck to Jesolo
Up and down the Piave riverbank

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