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The Ancora Sport Hotel is a family-run business that promotes a friendly environment where you can enjoy great hospitality, superb facilities and meet other smiling faces.

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Ancora Sport Hotel

Via A. Diaz, 120 

30020 | Meolo (Ve) 

24 h open all year round

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+39 0421 61066

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Who's at Ancora Sport Hotel

The owners and staff of the Ancora Sport Hotel are always ready to welcome you with a smile.

A love story

53 years of proven hospitality experience allows us every day to welcome guests with a smile and the desire to make your day feel good!

Emotion and Entertainment at the Regent’s Hotel in Jesolo, Elegance and Relaxation at the Fantinello Hotel in Caorle and Sport and Nature at the Sport Hotel all’Ancora in Meolo di Venezia.

Service, quality and safety are our priorities, as we continuously strive for constant improvement, our staff are amongst the most professional and deliver daily excellent and innovative service.

Sharing the same principles and following the same high-quality standards are the hallmarks of our hospitality experience but it’s our distinct identity and personality that allows us to surpass expectation.

We have been a very determined family with a passion for gastronomy for over 50 years.   It all began in 1967 when Fantinello Battista and Coppe Angelina opened the doors of a new restaurant Trattoria all’Ancora in Meolo with their four children.                              Their hard work, passion, commitment and faith were rewarded when they aquired their first hotel in Jesolo, the property was first rented, but then subsequently purchased, the hotel was completely renovated during the proceeding years.

Meantime at The Trattoria All’Ancora restaurant in Losson Maelo, 3 tennis courts and an outdoor swimming pool were added to the grounds, bringing a breath of fresh air to this Venetian hinterland in Meolo.
In 1995, the current 5-hole Par 3 Ancora Golf Course was added, with a golf school, driving range and short game practice area.   In 1998 the construction of the now 4-star Ancora Sport Hotel commenced and was completed in just one year and remains today, the parent company and group registered office.
The family continued to grow and in 2001 the family had grown to 10 people.
In 2012 the Regent’s Hotel in Jesolo was enlarged with a relaxing panoramic restaurant on the 6th floor which allowed guests to experience breakfast and lunch between sky and sea.
In 2014 a new adventure began: with the Fantinello Hotel in Caorle, a beautiful hotel set within pine trees that is managed with family love and passion.

The restoration of this hotel offers our customers the service and standard that the Fantinello hotel brand is now renowned for.

Today the Fantinello family has grown to 16 people who are all ready to serve with determined passion. “We are extremely grateful to gain the trust of those who choose to stay in our hotels, offering a high quality service with personalised attention to detail, is what we believe our customers deserve” Family Fantinello.

Every smile tells a story. Never stop being amazed.

At the Ancora Sport Hotel we have rooms for everyone, families, couples, friends, solo travellers and workers.