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Discovering the hotel area

The Ancora Sport Hotel is located in Losson della Battaglia di Meolo. The small village owes its name to the fact that the Great War left its mark on this strip of land in the lower Piave Valley. The tremendous war event involved Losson as an extreme enemy outpost and battlefield, which was then recaptured in June 1918. Right in front of the hotel, a small monument was erected by the Meolo artillerymen’s section in June 1980 to commemorate the tragic battle of the solstice. As well as remembering the war, the strategic position of the Ancora Sport Hotel allows anyone to discover new places and make day trips and then return to relax at the hotel. We have collected over time some of the most popular routes, obviously there are many and the page is constantly updated. Suggestions and new ideas will be published under “new routes”. Happy reading!








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walking... near the hotel

De Stefani Fossalta di Piave
Laghetto campo da golf ancora golf club

There are those who like to wander through the streets of the Losson di Meolo countryside and those who, between one walk and another, like to stop off at a winery to enjoy a good glass of white wine. All these destinations can be reached in a short time on foot from the Ancora Sport Hotel. Just 3 km away is the centre of Meolo, a small characteristic village in the province of Venice. Inside the church of Meolo, for lovers of art history, there is an important pictorial cycle with paintings 

signed by Giandomenico Tiepolo dated 1758.  Then there is the De Stefani winery in Fossalta di Piave, which can be reached either on foot or by a nice bike ride. The winery is open to the public. If, on the other hand, you don’t want to leave the hotel but want to immerse yourself in the peace and tranquillity of the place, towards the end of the golf course there is a small lake where yoga and body relaxation classes are held on summer mornings.

taking the car | Jesolo

And only 20 minutes by car from the Ancora Sport Hotel you can go to Jesolo. The road is easy and there are signs with directions. Also in Jesolo, if you need a support, you can go (with reservation) to the Regent’s Hotel. If you love nature and its riches in the lagoon of Jesolo you can see the pink flamingos and relax your feet on 15 km of golden beach. There is no shortage of cycling excursions, also starting from the hotel. If, on the other hand, you love nightlife, Jesolo never ceases to amaze.

Pubs open until late at night and by the sea to still enjoy the charm of the moon and be able to afford a midnight swim. Jesolo Lido is also ideal for families, with safe and always controlled beaches and games for all ages. The city of Jesolo is also well equipped with attractions such as Caribe Bay, Sea Life, the blue track, to race go karts. And after having fun in Jesolo, we are waiting for you to return to the hotel with our gourmet cuisine at km0.

Pontile di Jesolo
Spiaggia di Jesolo
Lungomare di Jesolo
Regents Hotel foto con DJI Mavic Mini

or even the train | venice

Foto di Venezia ponte della stazione
Foto di Venezia

Venice, the city on the water. The most romantic city is waiting for you to fall in love, visiting the most famous places or simply wandering through the many streets that smell of elegance and art. From the Ancora Sport Hotel you can reach Venice either by train, the most convenient way in our opinion, or by car. Once you have arrived in Venice let yourself be carried away by its magic and don’t miss the opportunity to try what makes it a unique city: the gondola ride which is one of the symbols of Venice, a fun and romantic way to get around the city. A visit to the Doge’s Palace, built next to the basilica, was the residence of the 

Doge of Venice and the seat of the highest magistracies. The highest expression of Venetian Gothic art, the palace was built in the 9th century, although it took on its current structure only after the restorations of the 14th-15th centuries. Since 1996 the palace has to all intents and purposes been part of the Musei Civici Veneziani system. Today, with its elegance and magnificence, the Doge’s Palace reminds everyone of the important political role played by the glorious Republic of Venice. Venice is waiting for you for all this and much more.

also reachable by motorbike|caorle

Caorle is a popular seaside resort between Venice and Trieste. In Roman times, it was a thriving fishing village, while today it is a tourist destination thanks to its fine sandy beach, a large dock for about 800 boats, a well-equipped sports centre and a green oasis… the lagoon. Caorle also offers a historic centre with houses in typical colours, narrow streets and small squares, dominated by the 11th-century Romanesque cathedral.

To get to Caorle from Ancora Sport Hotel you need about 40 minutes by car. Also in Caorle, as in Jesolo, you can find another of our partners the Fantinello Hotel. 

Chiesa di Caorle
Passeggiata al mare

Stay tuned for more destinations to visit! 

Wherever you want to go, take someone with you who can appreciate what you are looking at!

Spend your holidays at Ancora Sport Hotel. Outdoor pool, indoor pool, SPA and much more awaits you in our resort just a few kilometres from Venice and Treviso.

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